About Us

It all started as a joke. Two water sports addicts on a smashing boat having a laugh. 

— —

“Let’s start a business.” “Sure, let’s do it”

And this is how Xtreme Wake was born in  2013.

Xtreme Wake is now much more than a Dubai based Wakeboarding School. It’s a community, A place where friends turn into family.

We welcome riders & students from all over the world and carry the best equipment all-free to use, from DUP boards to life jackets, wet suits and vests.

Our goal is to grow participation and interest in water sports across the region, and therefore grow our community and attract enthusiasts, thrill seekers and professional riders worldwide.

If you’re bored with shopping malls and safari trips, join our outdoorsy family of dedicated coaches and passionate water sports amateurs. All you need is a bathing suit and a ride to Dubai Marina or Deira Islands. Leave the rest to us!

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